Samsung Mobile |
The Photographic Adventures
of Nick Turpin

The Samsung Pixon’s speedy¬†8-megapixel camera phone meant people no longer had to miss out on those spontaneous moments in life when your phone was either too slow, or too low-res to capture them properly. To really dramatise this potential for spontaneity that the Pixon was capable of we hired street photographer Nick Turpin for a 28 day journey around the world.

Nick uploaded a daily photographic post to the microsite and invited the public to click on the most intriguing element within that photo. After the two hour voting window had closed the section of the photo that had the highest concentration of clicks became the subject for his next photo and destination.

In this spontaneous fashion Nick made his way across the globe concluding with a photographic exhibition of his journey in London & Cologne

– One Show Gold Pencil

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