Turned Out Nice Again |
Homage To George

Turned Out Nice Again’s name came from a 1940s George Formby film. We decided to dedicate our first piece of work to the peculiar Lancastrian. We also wanted to create a self-promotional video mash-up of George’s ‘When I’m cleaning Windows’ with Bob Dylan’s ‘Subterranean Homesick Blues’.

We also referenced the wonderful world of American artist Mingering Mike and his cardboard vinyls. The limited edition mail-out targeted new clients that we wanted to work with. Each cardboard vinyl came with it’s own unique URL on the label so that we could track if the client had viewed the video link. Once we had seen that they had taken the bait we promptly got in touch with them and introduced ourselves. A much friendlier alternative to cold-calling that was very well received by all the clients involved.

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