Make It Red |
Morbid Baubles

As the festive season loomed we marked the end of 2016 by celebrating our Collective’s survival. Sadly so many wonderful and talented souls didn’t survive to see the year out, so we thought we’d take a month a to celebrate their inspiring lives.

Each day during December we placed a colourful new Morbid Bauble (Morble) on to our charred black Christmas Tree of doom. Each Morble includes an inspiring quote from the artist as well as a video clip of their genius.

Via Facebook, Twitter & Instagram we released daily posts and tweets directing audiences to that day’s Morble. We then uploaded an end of year round-up video which included additional bright stars that had fallen before New Years Eve to the tune of Tony Hart’s ‘The Gallery’ music.

And to hit 2017 in true optimistic style we printed up and sent out limited edition calendars featuring Morbles of 2016 and their anniversary death dates to our clients and friends.

The birth of Make It Red was the best thing to rise out of the ashes of 2016. And we even got a nice mention from Its Nice That too.

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