Hello. My name's Mark and I like to create stuff. Stuff like pictures, music and companies! But most importantly, I like being helpful.

So what’s all this stuff about?

So during the latter part of the last millennium (back when Ceefax was your early morning tele, mobile phones were the size of otters and the internet was something few of us could barely pronounce, let alone comprehend) I decided to train as an Illustrator in the sunny and liberal oasis of Brighton.

Since the turn of this century my work has continued to evolve (like a fine wine, or a vegan-friendly Pot Noodle) blending typography, drawing, graphic design, photography, printmaking, animation and video in with a range of different subject matter.

Even though all these outputs vary, to me as an Art Director they all stem from my illustrative roots, particularly when given some communicational context, which of course a creative brief does. And it’s this contextualisation that ultimately defines each project, helping to give them a distinctive flavour.

I’ve been heavily involved with projects for many different brands that span an array of different sectors, across a multitude of different platforms (such as apps, online games, interactive ads, album covers, posters, ad campaigns, branding, experiential pop-up events and social content).

And of course I’ve been incredibly fortunate to work with some supremely talented people and courageous clients who have played their part in bringing all this stuff to life. Group hug!



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1x Gold Pencil
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