Looper Canoodles

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Looper Canoodles is a one-person-band musical odyssey project born out of a craving for live music during Lockdown, aided by the steady hand of a humble looper pedal.

It became something to focus my attentions on during evenings and weekends to help keep sane.

The aesthetics for the identity reflect several elements of the project; the repetition of melodic loops, the intriguing results of improvisation, 6 strings of the guitar and the black and white colour palette as a nod to the isolation and general mood of anxiety from the pandemic.

The process

1. Each session begins by picking out and learning a suitably nostalgic track that has a dominant loopable melody.

2. The next stage is to attempt to record a decent take to camera within approximately 60 minutes.

3. Then finally upload a cut to IGTV, TikTok, YouTube and Facebook.

Over 50 sessions were recorded
between January and June 2021.

The project became a gentle catalyst
for checking in with friends and family from afar
at an extremely challenging time.

It even got a few thumbs-up from
artists like Adamski and Steve Mason,
which is always nice, and had a couple of
songs played on Brum Radio.

The full archive is available on YouTube