Morbid Baubles

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Remembering cultural treasures lost in 2016

It’s pretty easy to feel cynical about Christmas when your local Co-op plays Band Aid in September, but for a season that encourages us all to dream big, it’s extraordinary how unimaginative the majority of Advent merch actually is.

So I helped Make It Red create something a little different. And with such a significant number of multi-generational pop icons dying out in 2016, such as Prince, Muhammad Ali, Harper Lee, Carrie Fisher, George Michael, George Martin, Alan Rickman, David Bowie, Johan Cruyff, Howard Marks, Gene Wilder, Leonard Cohen (to name but a few) it seemed the perfect opportunity to commemorate these legends with our own festive homage.

Morbid Baubles was an online advent calendar shrine, centred around a somber dead Christmas tree., to which we directed audiences to pay their daily respects during December via teaser posts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The website was also accompanied by a limited edition 2017 calendar print highlighting the celebrities’ 1st anniversary death dates which were sent out to our most treasured friends.