Simon's Date

Facebook Competition • Online Platform Games

BT Infinity

Athlon / AMV/BBDO / TONA

Art Director / Illustrator / Designer

To complement BT Infinity’s TV ad where Simon manages to get himself a date, I helped Turned Out Nice Again create a series of 80s inspired arcade-style platform games in which our little ginger gem Simon has to get through a series of five challenges during his date in London.

The games were housed on BT’s Facebook page and were designed to work in accordance with scenes from the TV ad.

Challenges included avoiding altercations with London buses, gnarly bulldogs and menacing traffic cones. Other levels required more tact, such as trying to lob as many cup cakes as possible into the annoying busker’s saxophone, or whacking a creepy hippie with a yoga mat.

If users completed all five challenges they were automatically entered into a prize draw to be shipped off to the Isle of Wight Festival.